About us

CMC is an incorporated business specialized in providing consulting, counseling and representation services to authors, performers and producers of audiovisual works, in connection to the protection and exercise of their economic rights, whether vis-à-vis users of their works, performances or fixations, or in collaboration with the collective management organization in charge of the administration of such rights.

CMC also provides consulting and counseling services to public and private organizations and institutions in the planning, development and execution of legal and technical projects for the recognition, defense, exercise and effectiveness of copyright and related rights in the audiovisual field, throughout the world.

Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in the management and exercise of copyright and related rights, as well as in the defense and promotion of such rights, at national and international level, in a market in constant evolution –from analog to digital, from broadcast to streaming, from local to global.

All this allows CMC to offer its clients extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of copyright and related rights, in different legislative systems and environments.

CMC offers:

  • Internationally recognized consultants, with deep knowledge of the copyright and related rights market, and extensive experience in the audiovisual sector.
  • A solvent work frame based on best practices, the experience of its professionals and the opinion of right holders.
  • A state of the art IT system for monitoring and controlling the uses or exploitation of audiovisual works in Spain, including the identification of the corresponding right holders.
  • Close collaboration with collective management organizations, in all their areas of activity, including the collection and distribution of rights.
  • Transparency, accountability and effectiveness.
  • Results.