CMC offers an extensive experience in the exercise, defense and management of copyright and related rights, particularly in the film and audiovisual industry.

  • Legal and contractual advice.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the use of audiovisual works.
  • Analysis and advice on regulatory processes.
  • Organizational diagnosis.
  • Advice on opportunities in other territories.

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We act as agents representing authors, performers and producers of audiovisual works.

  • Representation for the exercise and defense of our clients’ rights.
  • Intermediation and collaboration with collective management organizations for the collection and distribution of our clients’ rights.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the use of our clients’ repertoire.
  • Sectorial analysis in the field of collective management, both in Spain and abroad.

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We offer results, based on our motivation, excellence and efficiency guided performance.


We build a relationship of certainty and trust, offering a clear and accurate reporting.


We respond to our clients for our services, guaranteeing them an efficient and transparent service.